Humanitarian & Compassionate Application

Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications

Making a Humanitarian & Compassionate Application

A Humanitarian & Compassionate Application is a request made to Canadian immigration authorities for special consideration on compassionate grounds. It is designed to provide relief to individuals who are unable to return to their home country due to extenuating circumstances, such as risk to life or safety, establishment in Canada, or the best interests of a child.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who is currently in Canada, regardless of their immigration status, can apply for H&C consideration. This includes individuals with expired visas, failed refugee claimants, or those without legal status. However, each case is unique, and eligibility will depend on the specific circumstances of the applicant.

Factors Considered

When assessing a Humanitarian & Compassionate Application, immigration officials consider various factors, including: The severity and impact of the circumstances in the applicant's home country. The establishment and ties the applicant has in Canada, such as family connections, community involvement, and employment. The best interests of any children involved, particularly if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Any other compelling reasons that warrant special consideration.

Who Cannot Apply?

It's important to note that certain individuals may not be eligible to apply for Humanitarian & Compassionate consideration, including: • Individuals with a removal order from Canada that is currently in effect. • Individuals who are subject to a bar to re-entry, such as those with certain criminal convictions or security concerns. • Individuals who have previously made a successful refugee claim or have another avenue for legal status in Canada.

How to Apply

Applying for H&C consideration involves submitting a detailed application outlining your personal circumstances, reasons for seeking relief, and supporting documentation. This may include letters of support, medical reports, and other evidence to substantiate your claims.

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