Family Sponsorships

Family Sponsorships to Canada with Hummel Law: Uniting Loved Ones 

Canada, known for its welcoming stance towards immigrants, places immense value on family reunification. Family sponsorships serve as a testament to this commitment, offering Canadian citizens and permanent residents a chance to sponsor their family members for residency. Yet, while the idea is heartening, the actual process can be intricate, confusing, and lengthy. At Hummel Law, we do our best to make your family’s reunification a reality. 

Understanding Family Sponsorship: The Basics

Before diving into the application process, it's essential to grasp the fundamentals of family sponsorship.

Eligibility Criteria: Not every relationship qualifies for sponsorship. Hummel Law assists clients in determining their eligibility, whether it's for spouses, dependent children, parents, grandparents, or other eligible relatives.

Financial Responsibility: As a sponsor of parents or grandparents, you must prove you can financially support your family members. We guide you through the nuances of this requirement, ensuring clarity and compliance.

Navigating the Application Process

Precision and clarity are paramount when submitting a family sponsorship application. Any oversight can result in delays or even refusals.

Documentation and Forms: The paperwork can be extensive. Hummel Law aids in collating, cross-verifying, and ensuring all necessary documents are submitted correctly.

Addressing Inadmissibility: In some cases, sponsored family members might face inadmissibility issues due to health, criminal, or other reasons. This can sometimes lead to the whole family being ineligible for permanent residency. Our team has extensive experience in addressing these concerns, ensuring a smoother application journey.

Post-Submission Assistance

The journey doesn't end once the application is submitted. There's often a waiting period, additional documentation, and potential interviews.

Status Updates: We keep you informed about your application status and any additional requirements or changes in the process.

Interview Preparation: If an interview is required, Hummel Law provides comprehensive coaching, ensuring you and your family members are well-prepared.

Facing Hurdles? We're Here to Help!

Despite best efforts, sometimes applications face challenges. Whether it's a request for more information, procedural complexities, or an unfortunate refusal, Hummel Law stands by you, offering solutions, advice, and representation when needed.


We strive to ensure that our client’s immigration needs are promptly met. With a special focus on litigation, and solving complex immigration problems with creativity and efficiency, we endeavour to ensure that our clients can make the most of the immigration programs and resources available. We will not stop until your immigration goals are achieved.