Immigration law in Canada can be challenging.
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Adam’s approach to immigration law begins with the idea that each new arrival to Canada can make this country a better place. Adam was born in South Africa, and moved to Canada with his family as a child. With roots as an immigrant, seeing first hand the struggles and successes that immigrants can achieve in this country, he believes that newcomers both can and do transform Canadian society for the better.

Immigration law is different from other areas of law. There is a specific human element to each file, where each story is unique and requires a compassionate approach to ensure that one’s immigration goals are achieved. As one of Adam’s mentors once told him, the goal is a simple piece of paper that says “Welcome to Canada.”


Inadmissibility to Canada

Inadmissibility to Canada

  • Criminal rehabilitation
  • Temporary resident permit
  • Authorization to return to Canada
  • Response to procedural fairness letter
  • Humanitarian & compassionate applications
  • Admissibility hearing
  • Stay of removal
  • Pre-removal risk assessment
  • Medical inadmissibility inquiries
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    Spousal Sponsorship Applications

    If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and are married to, or in a common law relationship with a foreign national, you are likely eligible to sponsor them to come to Canada and obtain permanent residence as your partner. An application for spousal sponsorship can be overwhelming and complicated, and it is important to make sure that you fit all the eligibility criteria, and include all the necessary information and documentation to satisfy a visa officer that your relationship is genuine and not entered into for the purpose of immigration.

    Temporary Permits

    Navigate Canada with confidence through Temporary Permits. Facilitating Your Journey in Canada: Comprehensive Solutions from Temporary Visitor Visas to Study Permits, Work Permits, Vulnerable Worker Permits, and Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs)

    Refugee Matters

    Guidance and support for crucial Refugee Matters. Navigating Refugee Challenges in Canada: From Initial Claims to Appeals at RAD, Stays of Removal, Protected Person PR Applications, Pathways to Permanent Residence, and Private Sponsorships.


    Championing your cause in Appeals. Defending Your Rights in Immigration Appeals: IAD Hearings, RAD Appeals, Applications for Leave and Judicial Review, Requests for Reconsideration, and Mandamus Applications.

    Permanent Residency

    Your path to Permanent Residency made clear. Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship, Parent/Grandparent Applications, Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications, and Responses to Procedural Fairness Letter.

    Inadmissibility Issues

    Solutions for Inadmissibility Issues, tailored for you. Addressing Inadmissibility Issues in Canada: PRRA Applications, Criminal Rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs), ATIP Requests, Admissibility Hearings, and Detention Reviews.

    Canadian Citizenship

    Transforming aspirations into Canadian Citizenship Guiding Your Path to Canadian Citizenship: From Initial Applications to Appeals of Refusal Decisions.

    Family Sponsorships

    Bringing families together with dedicated Family Sponsorships Reuniting Families in Canada: Expertise in Spousal and Common-Law Sponsorship and Parent/Grandparent Applications.


    We strive to ensure that our client’s immigration needs are promptly met. With a special focus on litigation, and solving complex immigration problems with creativity and efficiency, we endeavour to ensure that our clients can make the most of the immigration programs and resources available. We will not stop until your immigration goals are achieved.


    Valexo A
    Valexo A
    I've worked with Adam as my situation was delicate. I had to apply for rehabilitation in order to get my PR. He is really considering his customer and his work and make sure to maximise all the chances in his work to get what you apply for. He is very professional. It's not easy to find a good lawyer. I can recommend Adam as at the end of the day I've got my rehabilitation and PR approved. Still can't believe that ! Thank you again Adam.
    Jim Jones
    Jim Jones
    My family just relocated from Arizona to New Brunswick. I am a Canadian and a wife is an American. The immigration process for my wife required specialized assistance. Adam H was engaged through a recommendation specific to our scenario. Adam was professional, extremely knowledgeable and was able to walk us through the process, prepare all the requisite documentation and help us through the process of obtaining the visitor visa with the dual intent of permanent residency. I would not hesitate to recommend Hummel Law to family and friends and internet strangers.
    A Andrew Synavonsga
    A Andrew Synavonsga
    Adam Hummel provided excellent guidance during a consultation for people facing immigration issues. His professionalism and insightful recommendations showcase his expertise in immigration law. Highly recommend for anyone seeking expert advice or to get the job done. Five stars!
    Maureen Molly
    Maureen Molly
    I had a wonderful experience with Adam . It was excellent .I cant thank enough Adam for his exceptional assistance with my kids Pr and sponsorship and get approved. Adam he's friendly , professional and honest and I'm very grateful to him and to God for all the positive results in the entire process, he's totally efficient and fast. I highly recommend and he deserves 10/10.Thank you so much and I will recommend you and the firm for everyone who needs help. You are the Best!
    N Samuels
    N Samuels
    We highly recommend Hummel Law. We had a wonderful experience and interaction with our lawyer Adam Hummel. My husband's case was unique and handled with such dignity and professionalism. We received timely status updates, guidance, and reassurance. My husband has successfully received his permanent residency. Thanks again Adam and we highly recommend your firm.
    Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant
    My family and I are so overwhelmed. We are so happy, words are not enough to express how happy and grateful we are to Mr. Adam. When Mr. Adam was recommended to us, we had no doubt and the results as spoken for itself. Haven't seen my family for almost two years because of work, Mr. Adam was given the tasks of applying for Temporary Visitor Visas for my family. Mr. Adam profound knowledge and professionalism as allowed my wife and three kids to achieved their Temporary Visitors Visa. Mr. Adam is an expertise at his job. We belief he can get it done with his eyes close. Within a week all four visas were approved. His kind. patient and humble spirit motivated us. He was very communicative and always on-point with every emails and information through the whole process until the end. We confidently recommend Mr. Adam and celebrates his outstanding and exceptional service. Thank you Mr. Adam
    william longjohn
    william longjohn
    Adam is an outstanding lawyer! I am so fortunate to have found someone like him to assist in securing my PR card. I commend his professionalism, dedication, and expertise, which were crucial in navigating the immigration process. I'm truly thankful for his support. His attention to detail, timely response, clear communication, and guidance alleviated much of the stress associated with the application process. He ensured that the application was accurate and complete which played a pivotal role in the successful outcome. His professionalism, integrity, and genuine concern for his clients have made a lasting impression on me. His hard work was able to get my application approved in LESS than six months. Therefore, I will not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone seeking legal assistance. He has truly made a positive impact on my life. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with such a skilled and compassionate lawyer.
    We are truly grateful for Adam’s invaluable assistance, and we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate legal advocate! Adam helped us with our 24months backlogged spousal application and filed the writ of Mandamus and then prepared phenomenal response to procedure fairness letter, and within unbelievable timing we received the confirmation and got the passport request!! No words can express our gratitude and utmost satisfaction of professional expertise and unwavering support. His profound knowledge greatly contributed to the positive outcome of our case. Adam exhibited exceptional communication skills, ensuring that we were informed at every stage of the legal process. His ability to navigate complex legal issues with ease and provide clear explanations instilled confidence in us throughout the entire experience. Thank you for your outstanding service!!
    Robyn Mendelson
    Robyn Mendelson
    I was referred to Adam to help with an appeal for my nanny’s grandchildren. Adam was incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful throughout the process. He was also kind and compassionate with my nanny and her daughter. He was easily reachable to answer questions, even right after the birth of his own child! I highly recommend Adam.
    Violeta Ellazar
    Violeta Ellazar
    Thank you for all your help, for all the clarification when I don’t really know what to do. ❤️?


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    Frequently Asked Questions about our Immigration Services

    What services do you offer for Temporary Permits in Canada?
    We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas to Study Permits, and Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs).
    We navigate a variety of challenges, including preparing and submitting initial Refugee Claims, Appeals at the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), Stays of Removal, Protected Person PR Applications, Pathways to Permanent Residence, and Private Sponsorships.
    We defend clients’ rights through Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) Hearings, Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) Applications, Applications for Leave and Judicial Review, Requests for Reconsideration, and Mandamus Applications.
    Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the busiest parts of our practice. Our services encompass PRRA Applications, Criminal Rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs), ATIP Requests, Applications for Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), Admissibility Hearings, and Detention Reviews.
    We specialize in bringing families together through our expertise in Spousal Sponsorship, Common-Law Sponsorships, and Parent/Grandparent Applications.
    We can guide you through the process, starting from Spousal Sponsorship, Parent/Grandparent Applications, Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications, to responding to Procedural Fairness Letter Responses.

    Yes, we guide individuals in their journey to Canadian Citizenship, from submitting initial Applications to addressing Appeals of Refusal Decisions.


    Our immigration law services are designed to guide and support you through the complexities of the immigration process in Canada.

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    Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Immigration Needs

    When it comes to expert guidance in Immigration Law in Canada, our Toronto team stands at the forefront, offering an all-encompassing range of services tailored to meet diverse needs. From assisting with Temporary Permits like Study and Work Permits to navigating complex Refugee Matters and Appeals, we have it covered. Whether you're addressing Inadmissibility Issues, aiming for Permanent Residence, or seeking the joy of uniting with family through sponsorships, our experience in Canada’s immigration landscape ensures you're in capable hands. Dive into the world of Canadian Citizenship with confidence, backed by our mastery in applications and appeal processes.

    Choose us, and navigate the intricate corridors of Canada’s Immigration Law with ease.