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Adam’s approach to immigration law begins with the idea that each new arrival to Canada can make this country a better place. Adam was born in South Africa, and moved to Canada with his family as a child. With roots as an immigrant, seeing first hand the struggles and successes that immigrants can achieve in this country, he believes that newcomers both can and do transform Canadian society for the better.

Immigration law is different from other areas of law. There is a specific human element to each file, where each story is unique and requires a compassionate approach to ensure that one’s immigration goals are achieved. As one of Adam’s mentors once told him, the goal is a simple piece of paper that says “Welcome to Canada.”


Temporary Visitor Visas

These applications include opportunities for those who are looking to visit, study in, or work in Canada in various capacities. Canada’s doors are always welcome to tourists from around the world, and our economy is strengthened by the varied skill sets of those from abroad. More on temporary visas.

Temporary Resident Permits

Temporary Resident Permits: If you find yourself either in Canada without status, or seeking to enter Canada but have been rendered inadmissible by prior criminality, medical reasons, or otherwise, a temporary resident permit may allow you to enter and remain in Canada for a period of time until your inadmissibility is overcome.

Applications for criminal rehabilitation

Criminal charges from abroad, no matter how minor, such as theft or driving under the influence, may render you inadmissible to Canada. Depending on the time that has passed from the commission of your offence, you may be eligible to enter Canada after making a successful application for criminal rehabilitation.

Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)

If you have been removed from Canada on a removal order, you may require ARC to return to Canada. Once an application for ARC is granted, it will last forever and does not need to be applied for each time you re-enter the country.

Responses to procedural fairness letters

Often, while processing your immigration application, an officer will have a question or concern that requires addressing before the application can continue to be processed. If you receive a procedural fairness letter, there is often a short turnaround time to respond to it, and a qualified and experienced lawyer can help prepare this response, to ensure that your submissions are on point, and to ensure that the process remains procedurally fair.

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship programs

Whether sponsoring a parent, grandparent, or spouse to become a Canadian permanent resident, there are often complications that arise depending on one’s personal circumstances or changes to specific programs. It is important to remain up to date on how the programs are being delivered, and what is required to ensure a successful application.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

In most applications for permanent residence, humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) factors can be considered. In some circumstances, however, when no other options may be available for status in Canada in the regular course, you may consider applying for permanent residence on H&C grounds alone. This often applies to people who are in Canada without status, or those who do not quite meet the eligibility guidelines for other programs.

Requests for reconsideration

Often, applications are refused on account of human error or a misapprehension by the reviewing officer of the facts in a case. Before abandoning an application, or committing to a new legal process, consider asking counsel to simply request that an application be reconsidered.

Judicial reviews and challenges of refusals at the Federal Court

If a request for reconsideration is unavailable, often the only recourse to challenge a refusal of an immigration matter is to commence an application for judicial review at the Federal Court. Our legal team has significant experience challenging such refusals before the Court, which results in a negative decision being tossed out, and gives you another chance to have your application considered.

Appeals of immigration refusals to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

If your overseas spousal sponsorship is refused, or your permanent residence is revoked, or you are found to be offside your residency obligations as a permanent residence, you may have an opportunity to appeal your decision at the IAD. This mechanism provides you with an opportunity to have your appeal heard de novo, and gives you a chance to make your case to an objective decision-maker.

Admissibility Hearing

If you are ordered to appear before the Immigration Division for an admissibility hearing, this may be your last chance to have allegations of your inadmissibility to Canada reconsidered. It is important to put your best foot forward, and ensure that all the relevant information and evidence is before the decision-maker.

Refugee Claims

If you have fled your country of origin for any number of reasons, you are eligible to make a refugee claim to remain in Canada as a protected person. Having experienced counsel in your corner to ensure that your claim is presented properly at the outset, and at your refugee hearing, is sometimes critical to a claim’s success.

Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

If your refugee claim has been refused, you may have recourse to the RAD to appeal the refusal or introduce new evidence that may not have been available at the time of your original hearing. This complicated process can sometimes be overwhelming, but it is an important remedy that ensures a form of oversight to the refugee claim process.

Stay of Removal

If you have been served with a Direction to Report, and a date to leave the country after you have been served with a removal order, you have the opportunity to challenge the removal, and try and stop (or “stay”) your removal at the Federal Court.

Inadmissibility to Canada

Individuals can be found to be inadmissible to Canada for any number of reasons, including criminality, medical issues, or others. It is important to understand your rights, how to overcome such inadmissibility, and most importantly, how to preempt any concerns of inadmissibility in other applications you may be presenting to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Access to Information Requests (ATIP)

If you have a pending application, or have experience with IRCC and Canadian immigration authorities, you may want to know what information IRCC has on your file before you make an application, or want to obtain an update on your application that has been pending for a long period of time. By making an ATIP request, you can, in most cases, obtain access to your immigration profile which can help to identify weaknesses or concerns in your future applications.

Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

In accordance with international law and treaties, individuals being removed from Canada are entitled to have their risk overseas assessed before they are removed. Canada will not remove an individual who faces a clear risk of death, torture or other physical harm in their country of origin, and you are entitled to apply for a PRRA before your removal from Canada.

Refugee Pathway To Permanent Residence

Pathway to Permanent Residence for Refugee Claimants Working in Healthcare During the Pandemic; What You Need To Know

Spousal Sponsorship Applications

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and are married to, or in a common law relationship with a foreign national, you are likely eligible to sponsor them to come to Canada and obtain permanent residence as your partner. An application for spousal sponsorship can be overwhelming and complicated, and it is important to make sure that you fit all the eligibility criteria, and include all the necessary information and documentation to satisfy a visa officer that your relationship is genuine and not entered into for the purpose of immigration.

Temporary Permits

Navigate Canada with confidence through Temporary Permits. Facilitating Your Journey in Canada: Comprehensive Solutions from Temporary Visitor Visas to Study Permits, Work Permits, Vulnerable Worker Permits, and Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs)

Refugee Matters

Guidance and support for crucial Refugee Matters. Navigating Refugee Challenges in Canada: From Initial Claims to Appeals at RAD, Stays of Removal, Protected Person PR Applications, Pathways to Permanent Residence, and Private Sponsorships.


Championing your cause in Appeals. Defending Your Rights in Immigration Appeals: IAD Hearings, RAD Appeals, Applications for Leave and Judicial Review, Requests for Reconsideration, and Mandamus Applications.

Permanent Residency

Your path to Permanent Residency made clear. Spousal or Common-Law Sponsorship, Parent/Grandparent Applications, Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications, and Responses to Procedural Fairness Letter.

Inadmissibility Issues

Solutions for Inadmissibility Issues, tailored for you. Addressing Inadmissibility Issues in Canada: PRRA Applications, Criminal Rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs), ATIP Requests, Admissibility Hearings, and Detention Reviews.

Canadian Citizenship

Transforming aspirations into Canadian Citizenship Guiding Your Path to Canadian Citizenship: From Initial Applications to Appeals of Refusal Decisions.

Family Sponsorships

Bringing families together with dedicated Family Sponsorships Reuniting Families in Canada: Expertise in Spousal and Common-Law Sponsorship and Parent/Grandparent Applications.


We strive to ensure that our client’s immigration needs are promptly met. With a special focus on litigation, and solving complex immigration problems with creativity and efficiency, we endeavour to ensure that our clients can make the most of the immigration programs and resources available. We will not stop until your immigration goals are achieved.



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Frequently Asked Questions about our Immigration Services

What services do you offer for Temporary Permits in Canada?
We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas to Study Permits, and Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs).
We navigate a variety of challenges, including preparing and submitting initial Refugee Claims, Appeals at the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), Stays of Removal, Protected Person PR Applications, Pathways to Permanent Residence, and Private Sponsorships.
We defend clients’ rights through Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) Hearings, Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) Applications, Applications for Leave and Judicial Review, Requests for Reconsideration, and Mandamus Applications.
Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the busiest parts of our practice. Our services encompass PRRA Applications, Criminal Rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permits (TRPs), ATIP Requests, Applications for Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), Admissibility Hearings, and Detention Reviews.
We specialize in bringing families together through our expertise in Spousal Sponsorship, Common-Law Sponsorships, and Parent/Grandparent Applications.
We can guide you through the process, starting from Spousal Sponsorship, Parent/Grandparent Applications, Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications, to responding to Procedural Fairness Letter Responses.

Yes, we guide individuals in their journey to Canadian Citizenship, from submitting initial Applications to addressing Appeals of Refusal Decisions.


Our immigration law services are designed to guide and support you through the complexities of the immigration process in Canada.

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